titolo esempi di covers anticristiane

Messiah - Psychomorphia 

Ronnie James Dio - Sacred Heart

Satanic Angel - Raping Christ

Vital Remains - Dechristianize

Vital Remains - Dawn of the Apocalyps

Deicide - Serpents of the Light

Samael - Ceremony of Opposites

The Coven - Blessed Is the Black  

Remy Ma - Shesus Khrist

Hypocrisy - Osculum Obscenum

The Tiger Lillies - Bad Blood Blasphemy

Mystifier - The Fourth Evil Calling From the Abyss

Cradle of Filth - Venus in Fear

Mercyful Fate - Nuns Have No Fun

Nina Hagen - Nunsexmonkrock

Ministry - Rio Grande Blood

Burn the Priest - Burn the Priest

  The Electric Hellfire Club - Burn, Baby, Burn!



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